International Trade Centre (ITC) “GRASP – Pakistan” design concept

“GRASP – GROWTH FOR RURAL ADVANCEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE PROGRESS” – Pakistan, the project was done on individual contract with ITC, in a collaboration with ITC leading designer Kristina Golubić. Our services were extended to image concept, visual identity, and templates for publications (1-page template, 2-page template, 4-page template, 6-page template and 8-page template), PowerPoint presentations, banners, social media elements…

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) “GCOS Logo and Guidelines”

For Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), WMO co-programme, we have redesigned a logotype and produced a Visual Guidance publication. As a co-sponsored programme, we needed to give a programme its own identity and to honour other sponsors in the group. For the client, we have delivered all logo forms (the logo as an acronym, logo as an acronym with a tagline, the full spelling logo, the full spelling logo with a tagline) – sorted in separated subfolders.