International Labour Organization (ILO) "Students’ book: Basic English for Workplace Communication" (ENG)

This textbook is designed in a collaboration with ILO Ethiopia team as a student manual to improve working knowledge of the English language. The manual is 152-page long document with images, text and questionaries. The Ministry of Labour and Skills intends to realize this goal through technical and vocational trainings, as such trainings are notably critical in promoting economic development, expanding employment opportunities and improving the quality of the labour force.

Project language: English

March 2022 to July 2022

Team Members: Mirna Radić, Iva Stastny-Brosig, Marina Potočić, Kidest Getahun, Kassahun Cherenet Wakgari, Tigist Sahleselassie, Aida Awel, Stella Arkangelo Bundu Mborikinoh, Hanna Mekbib, … and more