International Trade Centre (ITC) “SMECO 2022: Connected Services, Competitive Businesses” Report (ENG)

The 120-pages “SME Competitiveness Outlook 2022: Connected Services, Competitive Businesses” report layout and 20-pages Executive Summary layouts were done in collaboration with ITC’s team, based in cooperation with ITC’s team. This report explores the measures that companies, business support organizations and policymakers must take to help connected services flourish – to benefit all firms, prosperous foster economies and build more inclusive societies.

Project languages: English (Report), English, French and Spanish (Executive summaries)

July 2022 to September 2022

Team Members: Natalie Domeisen, Anne Griffin, Barbara Oliveira Ramos, Valentina Rollo, Julie Wolf, Kristina Golubic, Iva Stastny-Brosig, Mirna Radić, Marina Potočić, …