Month: August 2021

International Trade Centre (ITC) “Uzbekistan WTO” design concept

Facilitating the Process of Uzbekistan’s Accession to the WTO”, the project was done on individual contract with ITC. Our services were extended to image concept, visual identity, and templates for publications (1-page template, 2-page template, 4-page template and 6-page template), PowerPoint presentations, banners, social media elements and folder.

International Trade Centre (ITC) “SME Competitiveness Outlook 2018” Report and Executive Summary (ENG, FR, ESP) – print and interactive

The 212-pages report was done on individual contract with ITC, based on the design done by ITC leading designer Kristina Golubić and with collaboration with ITC team. The report combines data analysis, academic insights, thought leader opinions and case studies to provide guidance for policymakers, business managers, and trade and investment support institutions. For this project, we have produced a shortened version of the report (ENG, FR, ESP).

UNFPA “Mid-Term Evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (2013-2020)” – Evaluation Report

For this project, we have set new design directions, whose intention is to be applied for all future publications from the same set. In the process of setting up design, we have taken into our consideration all preset UNFPA visual guidance, colours and fonts, together with preset publication templates – we have tried to satisfy the specification of profession and client’s requests, and at the same time keeping in mind printing specification and usability of media.